The Forest of Mythical Breezes

Sunday 11 February, 7.00pm
Swedish Church London


Emily Atkinson, soprano
Yu-Wei Hu, flute
Magdalena Loth-Hill, violin
Henrik Persson, viola da gamba
Johan Löfving, theorbo & baroque guitar

In the forest of the Arcadian Mountains, Pan, in his pine needle garland, stumbles enchanted by the sight of Syrinx, the water nymph. Her chaste beauty overwhelms him like a blessed mythical breeze, accompanied by the forest’s own plaintive birdsong. Suddenly, ancient legends come to life and to the sweet sounds of the sylvan pipe, nature herself awakens: Let the celebration of love and life commence!

Flauguissimo brings new life to the mythical creatures of antiquity through a mini opera of French baroque repertoire. From Diana’s bath in Acteon and the chase of Pan and Syrinx to the Grande Entrée of Apollo himself, we finally unite, gods and humans alike, in the Dionysian fervor of Les Indes galantes!